Grow Wheatgrass at Home

Today we would like to share with you a simple way to grow wheatgrass at home.

Because of its numerous health advantages, wheatgrass has recently become more popular. I had heard about the health benefits of wheatgrass for a while but hadn’t tried it until recently.

It all began when I switched my dog’s diet from 100% commercial dog food to a more fresh food-based diet. This motivated me to learn more about nutritious food and my dog’s dietary needs.

I discovered that this pet dietary knowledge was also beneficial to humans. Omega-3 fatty acids, for example, can help reduce inflammation.

Anyway, back to the topic of today, let’s talk about wheatgrass!

The health benefit of wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is a high-nutrient green that is rich in magnesium, chlorophyll, and essential vitamins and minerals. It is an excellent choice for reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, or simply adding more nutrients to your diet.

You can find out more detail about wheatgrass nutrients in this article.

Drinking wheatgrass juice will bring so many benefits. 

What is wheatgrass taste like?

The wheatgrass has an earthy flavor, similar to the smell of freshly cut grass. Personally, I found it to be not all that bad! It tastes refreshing, and like herbal tea.

Some people may find this flavor too strong and difficult to drink on its own. To make it easier to accept, add the honey to make it sweeter, or blend the wheatgrass with your smoothie to help mask the taste.

Wheatgrass for your pet

Wheatgrass is also known as cat grass. This name was given because many cats like to nibble on the tender wheatgrass greens, which can soothe their stomachs and replenish them with vitamins and minerals.

Wheatgrass is also nutritious for dogs, and it can help with digestion, immunity, and skin and coat health.

One of the key benefits of wheatgrass is that it is rich in magnesium, which is an important mineral that provides various benefits for both dogs and cats. Check out this article from Raw Feeding Miami.

Growing wheatgrass at home

Wheatgrass can be found at Whole Foods, juice bars, and farmer’s markets. On Amazon, you can also buy wheatgrass powder.

wheatgrass at store
The wheatgrass at Whole Foods is very pricey!

However, I discovered that growing your own wheatgrass is the best solution. It is a simple process that is less expensive than buying from a store. You will get it fresh and at the peak of its nutritional value.

The growing process is simple and requires little maintenance.

How to grow wheatgrass at home?

All you need is a container, water, and a bag of wheatgrass seeds. The container size doesn’t matter. I prefer to use a plastic cup for small batches so that I can get fresh grass more frequently.

You can grow with or without soil. I prefer the water-only method because it requires little cleaning after harvesting.

To help the seeds sprout, soak them in water for 8 to 12 hours. You can either drain the water or leave them in the water each time. I tested both and they all doing great.

I prefer to leave them in water because if I forget to water them the next day, they will dry out. Make sure to change the water on a daily basis to avoid mold growth. (This has actually happened to me several times when I forgot to change the water)

Place the grass in a bright, sunny location. It usually takes two weeks. When they reach 7-10 inches in length, they will reach their peak nutrient content and are ready to harvest!


Cut the grass close to the bottom and juice it in a juicer. Enjoy your refreshing wheatgrass drink!
You can also chop the grass and add it to smoothies, salads, or other dishes.

The process of growing a pea shoot is very similar. Check out another blog post we wrote previously.

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