Easy crepes recipe that everyone can succeed!

different nutella crepes filling, including strawberry crepe, blueberry crepe. banana crepe, with some fresh fruits and berries

Crepes are one of the easiest desserts to make, it goes so well with chocolate hazelnut spread and a lot of fruits.
Click here to watch the video and learn how to flip crepes

Crepes recipe

Ingredients (for about 10 crepes):

Flour * 1 cup
Butter * 4 tbsp (2 for crepe mixture, 2 for brushing)
Milk * 2 cup
Egg * 3

You can also increase or decrease the quantity of each ingredient based on this ratio.


  1. In a large bowl, add 2 tbsp of butter. Melt the butter in a microwave.
  2. Crack 3 eggs into the butter, and beat the eggs.
  3. Add milk into the bowl
  4. Add flour slowly into the mixture, stir well. Don’t add all of the flour at the same time. Otherwise, it will have large chunks in the mixture.
  5. Prepare a non-stick pan, use low heat to cook the crepes the entire time.
  6. Brush some melted butter in the pan, and then add 1/3 crepe mixture into the pan
  7. After 2 minutes, flip the crepe to the other side. Cook the other side for about 20 seconds, and then take it out from the pan

Some options for the crepe filling:

– Sweet crepes: Chocolate hazelnut spread/whipped cream/peanut butter, plus fruits like banana/strawberry/blueberry…

– Savory crepe: cheese/cream cheese, plus protein like ham/salmon/chicken …

If you plan to make crepes often, we highly recommend that you invest in a crepe-making machine.

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